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If you are unable to keep your German Shepherd dog and are looking to re-home it, ARF's may be able to be of assistance.


Please review the following:

1. Foster spots are normally reserved for those dogs in Shelters in danger of being euthanized. Exceptions to this situation are on a case by case basis and availability of foster homes.


2. If you have less than two weeks until the time you need your German Shepherd out of your current living situation, please contact one of the shelters in your area to surrender it to. ARF's is an all volunteer organization.   Ideally we need two weeks to schedule an evaluation for your dog, get the vet records to us, and coordinate our own schedules etc. (If you do surrender the dog to a shelter, please let us know which one so that we may correspond directly with them). Thank you for your understanding in this matter.


3. We do require that you fill out and return the Owner Surrender Questionnaire prior to an evaluation. It contains important information that allows us to determine whether or not we can be of assistance in re-homing your dog. Please fill it out to the best of your ability. Also a picture of your dog showing the head, side view and height and weight information is appreciated!  Please only fill out the Owner Surrender Questionnaire if you are interested in working with ARF's to re-home your dog.  


4. There may be an Owner Surrender donation requested if your dog is not fully vetted or up to date on shots. You can contact us at for further information or if you have any questions concerning the Owner Surrender Process. 





ARF German Shepherd Rescue, Inc


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