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     AAFMED (Arf's Angel Fund Medical Assistance) was founded to provide emergency monies to offset expenses incurred in the medical treatment of abandoned and/or injured German Shepherd dogs in need of rescue.  Privately owned dogs are not eligible for AAFMED funding - if you are a private owner and need help with vet bills click here.  AAFMED is unable to provide any funding for dogs who are not expected to survive treatment or any dogs that are terminally ill. AAFMED is a potential resource for cases in which funding for medical treatment for an abandoned or rescued German Shepherd dogs is inadequate, owing to but not limited to:  insufficient funds available through a local German Shepherd or general rescue organization for treatment of the German Shepherd dog, rejection of the case by local organizations due to the monetary investment required for the medical treatment or exhaustion of all other avenues of funding.

     AAFMED is a regional program and is located in WI and serving the immediate mid-west Region (i.e. IL, MN, WI, IA).  We will consider applications from other states, but priority will be given to those German Shepherds in our immediate area first.

The ultimate goal of AAFMED is to help raise the quality of life and adoptability of rescued German Shepherd dogs which are expected to regain good health and which display the positive temperament which so defines the German Shepherd as a breed.  AAFMED hopes to provide these animals with the opportunity to lead happy, healthy lives in stable and loving homes.  In addition, AAFMED aims to stimulate a dialogue, through its efforts and the example it sets, which will educate the general public about rescue animals and rescue organizations.






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