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Fostering & Volunteering With ARF



ARF GERMAN SHEPHERD RESCUE, INC. is always seeking volunteers who are flexible, confident about themselves and about the program they represent, who have the ability to say "no" at times, and who have a sense of humor. AGSR welcomes your interest in volunteering.


AGSR has many opportunities available for its volunteers. These opportunities include:


• Providing a temporary foster home for a homeless GSD (applicant must be 21). AGSR reimburses foster homes for all pre-approved veterinary care. Foster homes save lives!Foster care gives dogs and puppies the time needed and one-on-one care to recuperate in a less stressful atmosphere after surgery, etc. Some other reasons foster homes are needed: Time to gain back weight and strength which was lost while trying to survive as a stray; a quiet place to have her puppies until they are weaned and the mother can be spayed; healthy dogs and puppies need a place to stay until there is a forever home interested in adopting them.

• Performing home visits for AGSR applicants

• Assisting in educational workshops for school children

• Adoption counseling (interview, evaluate, and follow up with potential adopters)

• Grant writing

• Organizing/participating in rescue fundraisers and promotions

• Transporting homeless GSDs to and from AGSR


Please choose the correct application below (volunteer or foster home... or BOTH!), fill it out and return it to AGSR. After reviewing your information, the AGSR Coordinator will contact you regarding your time availability and the volunteer activities in which you have expressed an interest.


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