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ARF's, like many other rescues, is experiencing a big reduction in donations and adoptions due to these tough economic times.  Many more GSD's are coming into ARF's due to their owners homes being foreclosed, losing their jobs and in some instances being shipped out overseas with no one able to care for their dog.  If you can, please consider either volunteering some time to ARF's or donating any amount you can.  All our volunteers could use a gas card, a gift card to a pet store for toys/treats etc.  Every dime that you donate to ARF's goes directly to the dogs vetting, food and general care.  All other expenses such as the gas that our volunteers use in transporting dogs to their homes, picking up dogs from shelters, evaluations etc, comes out of their pockets.  We are fortunate in that we have a small, but extremely dedicated group of volunteers (only 2 foster homes!), that doesn't mind digging deep into their own pockets to help get a deserving GSD to its forever home; but we can always use a bit of help.  Even a $5 gas card can greatly assist our cause!  Or dog beds, crates, toys, etc.  When you adopt a dog from ARF's we make sure that they come with the basics to get you started on the right path!  This means we are always giving treats, food, toys, bedding, collars and leashes away!  Please consider donating whatever you can to help keep us going strong in 2017 and beyond!!!!

We're all in this together and we truly appreciate the past support we have received.  If you cannot donate items or money at this time, we do understand as we are all in the same troubled economic boat together!  Please, then consider donating some of your time!


ARF's German Shepherd Rescue


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